DIGIWAY Door Automation | How to set spring preload tension

How do I set the spring pre-load tension?

First, open your DIGIWAY app and find the correct unit that you want to programme. Then, follow these steps to set the spring pre-tension:
  1. Hold down OK to enter the programming menu.
  2. From the menu, select Door Calibration and then Spring Preload.
  3. In the bottom-left of the app screen, switch the door to Free Mode using the slider.
  4. Then, increase the spring tension to at least 90.
  5. Check if the pins on the operator are lined up with the arm. 
  6. Fix the arm to the DIGIWAY operator and pull the door open to check that you have enough tension to close it.
If the pins do not line up with the arm, you may need to increase the tension further until they do line up to allow you to fix the arm.
The next step in calibrating the DIGIWAY is setting the door limits.
For instructions on the full calibration process, view this article

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