Mobile-PASS: How to activate your AMC25 licenses | 25-pack Mobile-PASS credentials

Mobile-PASS: How to activate your AMC25 licenses (Mobile-PASS credentials, 25-pack)



AMC25 is the product code for the standard 25-pack of Mobile-PASS smartphone credential licenses. For every site installing A22K controllers, you can get 5 FREE licenses per controller as standard; AMC25 is for any additional licenses you need on top of that. 

The free licenses are pre-loaded into the system and ready to be distributed to users. Additional licenses purchased as AMC25 packs need to be activated before they can be assigned to users. AMC25 comes in the form of a card.

How many credentials do I have?

First, log into the ATRIUM interface as the Installer User. 

To see how many Mobile-PASS credentials are available in your system, hover over the USER INSTALLER button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will see a pop-up displaying the Mobile-PASS status, along with the number of available credentials that can be sent to smartphones and the number of pending credentials. 

Pending credentials are those which have been sent out to a user's device, but haven't yet been detected or scanned at a Bluetooth reader on-site where the ATRIUM system is installed. 

Every system has five free Mobile-PASS credentials pre-loaded, which are ready to use at any time. AMC25 comes as a pack of 25 credentials which can be added into the ATRIUM system.

Adding AMC25

In order to add an AMC25 license to the ATRIUM system, you must be in Expert Mode in the ATRIUM interface. To switch to Expert Mode: 
  1. Click the User Installer button in the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Click Switch to Expert Mode.
If you are logged in as a system administrator, select Standard Mode instead. 

Then, to add an AMC25 into the system, follow these steps: 
  1. Click on the Configuration menu.
  2. Select License from the drop-down list. You will then see the original Mobile-PASS license in the system, which included the free credentials. 
  3. Click the + (plus) button on the right-hand side, and select Load License from Card. A dialogue box will open, showing a list of the Bluetooth readers that are part of the system. 
  4. Choose the reader closest to you. The reader will start flashing twice red and twice green to indicate that it is waiting to scan the AMC25 license card. You have 30 seconds to scan the card at the reader before it times out. 
  5. Hold the license card up to the reader until the light turns green for two seconds
  6. When the scan has successfully completed, a pop-up box will appear in the ATRIUM interface showing the new total of available Mobile-PASS credentials. 
  7. The credentials are now ready to be distributed and assigned to users' smartphones. 

Key points to remember: 
  1. Mobile-PASS uses a smartphone's Bluetooth or NFC technology to grant access to doors. 
  2. One smartphone can have multiple credentials for use with different ATRIUM systems.
  3. Users will need to download the ATRIUM BT app in order use their Mobile-PASS credentials.