ievo Fingerprint Readers | Secure Biometric Data Collection

How is biometric fingerprint data collected?

ievo systems acquire biometric data by scanning a fingerprint and measuring and collecting unique reference points from a finger.

This data is extracted, transferred, and via an advanced algorithm, stored as a template on a separate ievo Interface Board

No fingerprint images are kept or recorded on the reader head or the Interface Board. The original image cannot be reverse-engineered and recreated from the saved fingerprint template.

When a person uses the system for access, again the reader will scan the fingerprint, and transfer the data to an ievo Interface Board. There, the scanned data is cross-referenced with the stored templates. If the data matches a registered template, then positive identification can be made and access granted by the access control system. 

For more information on the collection and storage of data by ievo fingerprint recognition solutions, download this document