What type of cable should I use for ievo readers and how far can I extend them?

What type of cable should I use and how far can I extend them?

This article covers cabling requirements and limits for ievo biometric fingerprint readers. First check which Revision of ievo equipment you are using - it will be either REV3 or REV4.

Revision 3 (REV3) Equipment

REV3 ievo readers come supplied with two 3m cables:
  1. An 8-core screened alarm cable
  2. A 4-core screened USB / Belden cable.
These can be extended up to an extra 2m (5m in total).

Revision 4 (REV4) Equipment

REV4 ievo equipment comes supplied with a single 5m CAT6 SFTP screened cable.
The connection between the control board and reader head can be extended up to 90m providing the cable meets the below specification:
  1. Up to 50m – Cat5e/Cat6a SFTP Stranded-conductor, 26 AWG, with shielded RJ45 connectors
  2. Up to 90m – Cat5e/Cat6a SFTP Solid-conductor, 24 AWG with shielded RJ45 connectors.
Note: Cat7 specification cable is too thick to use for connection to the ievo reader heads.


Wiegand cables can be extended up to a maximum of 25m when using high-quality cable (e.g. Belden 9534).

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