Using and managing Reports in the ATRIUM software

Using & managing reports in the ATRIUM software


Generate reports for a specific period of time, user, door and/or area. Reports can also be printed and saved. 

From the Dashboard tab, click on the Reports tab. From this page reports may be generated, viewed, printed and saved.

For quick access, reports can also be generated from various menus (e.g. Users, Cards, Schedules) by clicking the Print button.

Generating a Report

Event Parameters

Select the parameter criteria that will be used to generate the report.
  1. Start Time and End Time: Select the period for the report by entering the start and end date and time using the yyyy:mm:dd hh:mm format or select the date and time.
  2. Type: Select one, multiple or all types(s) from the list.
  3. Event: Select one, multiple or all event(s) from the list.
  4. Entity: Select one, multiple or all entity(ies) from the list.
  5. User: Select one, multiple or all user(s) from the list.
  6. Maximum # events in report: Enter the maximum events allowed in the report. The default setting is 1000 events.


Generates the report based on the selected parameters and displays its content in the Results section.

Viewing, Printing, & Saving a Report


Displays the generated report and allows navigating through the report, printing and saving the report results.

Top Control Bar

The regenerate button refreshes the report with new data if available.
The navigation buttons allow respectively to go to the first page, previous page, type a page number, next page, and last page.
The print button allows to print the report.
The save button allows to save the report on disk. Acrobat (PDF), CSV, Excel 97-2003, Rich text (RTF), Tiff, Web archive (mhtml), XPS document formats are

Bottom Control Bar

The bottom control bar allows you to zoom in/out the report. Use the arrows, the scroll bar, type a percentage value, or select a predefined zoom from the list.

Next, understand the System Overview section in the ATRIUM software. 

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