Installing ACPR numberplate recognition for ATRIUM

Installing and setting up numberplate recognition for ATRIUM access control

1. Introduction

The ACPR tool was developed to add number plates to users in the ATRIUM KRYPTO software. 

You can easily programme a user with a certain access level together with their number plate, so ATRIUM immediately recognises them and can open the gate when someone arrives in front of the ANPR camera.

The ACPR tool connects to your ATRIUM KRYPTO system to display all users and access levels already programmed in advance, making profile management easier and reducing human error.

2. Log into the ATRIUM Web Server

Only a user with 'Installer' rights can activate a licence.

1. Once logged in, click at the top right of the browser window on your user icon and select 'Switch to Expert Mode'.

2. From the configuration menu, click on 'Licence'.

3. Click on the '+' button and select 'Load licence from card'.

3. Activate the Licence Card

The ACPR tool can only be read by a KRYPTO reader (K2, K3, K4). If you do not own a KRYPTO reader, follow the instructions further down.

With a KYPTO reader

1. Select a KRYPTO reader in your system where you will scan your licence card.

2. Present the licence card to the reader within 30 seconds.

3. Click 'Save'.
Your key is now activated.

Without a KRYPTO reader

1. Contact Technical Support to receive your unique licence key.
2. Manually add the key into the field and follow the on-field instructions. The 'Label' section should autofill.
3. Click 'Save',
Your key is now activated.

4. Install ACPR

1. Install this setup file.

2. Then open it via this icon.

5. Launch ACPR

To get started, you must enter the controller's (A22K) information into the system.
1. Enter the controller's IP address.
2. Enter the controller's port number. This is 80 by default.
3. Enter your personal ATRIUM username and password.
4. Choose the language at the bottom by clicking on the flag.
5. Click 'Login'.

All users already programmed in ATRIUM will automatically display.

Blue = Access granted for visitors
Green = Access granted for employees

6. Adding a User

1. To create a new user with number plate, press 'New Visitor'.

2. Enter the user's last name and first name and select the access level. Then press 'Next' at the bottom.

3. Enter the user's number plate. 
Do not enter dashes in the field
  1. For example, if the number plate is RH45ABC, enter "RH45ABC".
  2. The tool will automatically convert this to hexadecimal and create the ‘card’.
  3. The card label will then become PN[RH45ABC].
  4. You can then set the validity period for this user.

4. You can then set the validity period for this user.

    1. Start date and time: when the user may enter
    2. User deactivation: none, or after 10min, 1h, etc
    3. Here you can enter a custom end date and time
Press 'Save'.

5. Then this screen appears. Press 'OK' and the user will be added int your ATRIUM system.

Here you can see that the user has been added into the ATRIUM system.

Here you can see that user has been added into the ATRIUM system.

7. Adjusting the Validity Period

NOTE: You can only adjust or remove validity times within this tool for users you programmed via ACPR.

1. Click on the user and press this icon at the bottom. 

The user is now deactivated and shown in red.

2. Click on the button indicated by the arrow.
3. Adjust the time and date of activation or deactivation.
4. Click 'Ok'.

8. Deleting a User

1. Make sure the user you want to delete as ben deactivated following step 6.
2. Click on the user you want to delete,
3. Click on the button pointed by the arrow.
4. Click 'Yes'.

This user will also be deleted from the ATRIUM database

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