How to define and manage holidays in the ATRIUM software

How to define and manage holidays in the ATRIUM software


Holidays define which days in a year are considered as exceptions. Holidays can be included or excluded from a schedule (see this article for more information). The holiday is defined by selecting both the start date and time, then the duration. The holiday can be configured to repeat every year. It can also be configured to be the same day of the week based on the week the holiday occurs (for example, the first Monday of September).

From the Dashboard tab, click on the Holidays icon. From this page, holidays may be added, edited and deleted.

By default, Christmas Day (25th December) and New Year's Day (1st January) are defined as holidays and repeat every year.

Adding a Holiday

From the Dashboard tab, click on the Holiday icon and click on the Add button.

General Information

  1. Enabled: When selected, activates the usage of the holiday.
  2. Display Name: Identifies the holiday throughout the ATRIUM software. We recommend using a name that is representative of the holiday.
  3. Day: Enter the date of the holiday (day and month)
  4. Relative Day: Enable Relative Day if the holiday always falls on the same day of the week. Select the day of the week the holiday occurs. The date entered in the Date field will be used to automatically adjust the holiday date based on which day the holiday occurs. For example if the holiday occurs on the third Monday of May, the date will be adjusted to respect these criteria.
  5. Start Time: Enter the time the holiday starts (hh:mm).
  6. Duration: Enter the duration of the holiday (dd:hh:mm).
  7. Occurs on Year: When selected, repeats the holiday every year.

Notes Tab

Use the Notes text field to record any additional notes that may be required. We recommend that you keep a log of what settings were changed and when they were changed.

Save Button

Use the Save button to save changes.

Cancel Button

Use the Cancel button to ignore changes.

Modifying a Holiday

Select a holiday from the list and click on the Properties button. See the Adding a Holiday section above in this article for more information.

Deleting a Holiday

To delete an existing holiday, select the holiday from the list and click on the Delete button. A dialogue box will appear requesting confirmation.

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