ievo Fingerprint Readers as a Standalone Solution

Can ievo readers be used as a standalone system?


ievo fingerprint readers can be attached to a Wiegand relay converter. This allows a single door to be unlocked with no events. 

You will still need an ievo Interface Board to run the system as a standalone solution. 

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    • Which access control systems can ievo fingerprint readers be used with?

      Using our isync software, ievo fingerprint readers can be used with any access control system that accepts Wiegand connections. For more information about isync, please contact our Technical Support team.
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      ievo readers currently support Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. Windows 7, 8 and 10. It is recommended that your PC meets these minimum specs: CPU: Dual Core 2.0+ Ghz (or equivalent) Hard Drive: 10GB Memory: 2GB Network: NIC (Static IP) Microsoft ...
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      Whether registering a user’s fingerprint for the first time, or using an active ievo system, scanning a finger follows the same general principles. The same principles can be applied to any ievo fingerprint devices. To start the process, place your ...
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      ievo systems acquire biometric data by scanning a fingerprint and measuring and collecting unique reference points from a finger. This data is extracted, transferred, and via an advanced algorithm, stored as a template on a separate ievo Interface ...
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      This article details how to assign card credentials to users on the iface™ facial recognition terminal in standalone mode. If your iface is part of a networked access control system, you can also add card and PIN credentials directly on the reader. ...