Can I have multiple user codes on my 2EASY Video Door Entry system?

Can I have multiple user codes?

Yes, you can!

You can store up to 40 user codes as standard. If you need to increase this, ask your installer about adding a CDV-RLC unit to double the capacity.

The user codes are stored by the device in memory slots. These memory slots are numbered from 20 to 59, and can be individually updated. Most people only have a single user code stored in slot 20, which they update as and when required, but the capacity is there for up to 40 different codes.

You cannot clear user codes from memory slots, but you can overwrite them with new user codes.
To update memory slots with new codes, follow these steps:

  1. At your door station, enter the master code.
If you don’t know your master code, try the default master: 1234#.
  1. If you hear one long beep, you have successfully entered programming mode. If you hear three short beeps, there has been an error and you will need to try again – you may have entered the wrong master code.
  2. Then, enter the number of the memory slot you wish to overwrite followed by hash (#). For example, to overwrite slot 20, you would enter 2 0 #. This should be followed by a long beep.
  3. Next, enter your new user code followed by hash (#). You will hear another long beep when the code is successfully memorised.
  4. Finally, press the asterisk (*) key to exit programming mode. You will hear a final long beep to confirm that you have exited programming.

If you do not know your master code, and the default master is not working, you may need to reset the door station to default. This will clear all the memory slots and return the master code to the default (1234#).

If you need to do this, please raise a support ticket and we will contact you with advice.

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